Swarm innovation

There are many processes and methods out there to drive innovation. It’s pretty hard which to pick. But what if we look a bit closer to people in organizations? Does this make the decision a bit easier?

Different skills of people offer the ability to drive innovation from different perspectives. This is why collaboration and participation should be encouraged by conflict. In an experimental environment where failures are welcome creativity is unleashed. These experiments should not be about being right, they are about leaning.

How to enable these conflicts? One approach can be setting up steering boards where everyone can participate in flat hierarchies in small teams. In this case leadership is more about asking questions, listening and setting up the space where interaction can happen and ideas arise.

According to this topic I found an inspiring talk by Linda Hill about “How to manage for collective creativity”: https://www.ted.com/talks/linda_hill_how_to_manage_for_collective_creativity#t-401099